Costa Rica: Music, Dance and Night life

Music in Costa Rica is music to dance to. From Salsa to Chamber music there is something for everybody. Live bands play at different clubs all over the country. Salsa, Jazz, Rock, Tango, Tex-Mex, and Calypso are all on the location at various nightspots in Costa Rica.

If you are remaining in and around San Jose the very best night life is found at El Pueblo in Escazu. Here you can find restaurants, nightclubs and shops. Club Tornado is one club that is popular playing contemporary and Latin music. Another is El Tobagan and while they are open only on the weekend they are constantly loaded.

Costa Rica

Someplace in El Pueblo the Tango Bar lies. It has a few older gals that serve beverages and perform nostalgic ballads. If you are fortunate an Argentine visitor will have the ability to translate the lyrics. Occasionally you will have the reward of seeing a great tango carried out.

Costa Ricans enjoy to dance and they are so good that it is frightening. Not excessive cha cha, but there is a lot of cumbia, merengue, lambada, and salsa. If you get an opportunity before you go to Costa Rica try to enter some salsa lessons. It is one of the most enjoyable you can have and it sure makes you know that you are alive. There is dancing in the evening in any variety of clubs all over Costa Rica however the majority of the better hotels have music in the evening.

If you speak a little quantity of Spanish and you are searching for local happenings then you can attempt to check out the regional papers the Tico Time and La Nacíon. These need to help you discover regional movie times and information on performances and festivals.

Every year in February and March there is the Monteverde Art Celebration, which has regional artists and visiting guest artists. The locations for the music change from year to year depending upon what celebration organizers want so examine the regional paper or just ask around. The regional Ticos will be more than delighted to offer you any information they carry where the next performance is.

Costa Rica is predominantly Catholic so the majority of their holidays follow the usual Catholic holidays such as Christmas and Easter but one holiday that stands out is the event of the Black Christ Esquipulas. This festival originates in Guatemala however is commemorated all over Costa Rica. There is big population of Guatemalan immigrants so this may have something to do with the celebration.

The Teatro National was developed over a hundred years ago a because time Costa Ricans have established there own nationwide theater company. Furthermore Costa Rica has their own Symphony and Ticos like classical music almost as much as Salsa.

For those of you that like a different type of nightlife there are also a few nature and wild animals tours. In the Mountverde Cloud Forest there are night trips that reveal you the charm of wild animals that only reveals itself at night.


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